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Game Industry Life

What developers do in and out of the studio for fun and learning.

How Do You Get A Job In The Game Industry? Part 1
The first in a series, we cover what you need to know to get into the game industry.

Game Industry Conferences
Game-industry related conferences and descriptions for those new to the field.

How To Participate In A Private Playtest
How to make a good impression at a private videogame playtest session.

Valve's "Leaked" Employee Handbook
While almost certainly a PR/recruiting stunt, the employee handbook for Valve is an entertaining view inside the unusual corporate culture of Valve.

The International Game Developers Association is a global nonprofit with the goal of improving the lives of game developers.

Game Dev DrinkUp
A newly-organized gathering, it is a monthly social event with the intent of encouraging social interaction between area studios.

How Do You Get A Job In The Game Industry? – Part 4
How to do find a job at at video game industry conferences using professional networking techniques.

How Do You Get A Job In The Game Industry? – Part 5
Techniques for social networking at game industry mixers.

Thriving at Professional Social Events
Part 1 of a series on how to improve your conversation skills for game conferences.

Socializing at Professional Events
A guide to good etiquette for professional conferences.

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