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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Game Industry Trends

All that's going on in the video game industry.

The Ongoing Seismic Shift in Game Funding
The new wave of Kickstarter-funded development has the potential to revolutionize the way small projects get off the ground.

The Top Five Innovative Games of 2012
Five innovative games coming in 2012.

A Brief History of Selling Games
A discussion of the path that selling games has taken over the past twenty years.

Journey Review (PS3)
A game design review of the PS3-exclusive, Journey.

Mass Effect 3 Review
Mass Effect 3 review for multiple platforms.

Technical Production Bottlenecks of Current-Gen 3D Games
Developers of high-quality modern titles face a number of common bottlenecks, despite their choice of engine or framework.

Unreal Engine 4 - First Look
A first look into the pre-announced feature set for the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games.

How Do You Get A Job In The Game Industry? Part 1
The first in a series, we cover what you need to know to get into the game industry.

FEZ Review (Xbox 360)
We take a look at FEZ, the innovative 2D/3D platformer for Xbox Live Arcade.

Unity 4 - First Look
A breakdown of improvements new features features in the upcoming Unity 4 release.

Mass Effect 3 "Extended Cut"
Mass Effect 3 "Extended Cut" DLC review.

Triple Town Review (iOS)
A review of Spry Fox's, Triple Town, a match-three puzzler.

Quantum Conundrum Review (PC)
A review of the PC version of Quantum Conundrum.

Legend of Grimrock Review (PC)
Review of the retro-RPG, Legend of Grimrock.

Review - Lili (iOS)
Lili for iOS review.

Review - Orcs Must Die! 2 (PC)
A review of Orcs Must Die! 2, from Robot Entertainment.

Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown review.

Review: Shadowrun Returns (PC/Steam)
Shadowrun Returns for Windows, reviewed.

Review: Monaco (PC/Steam/Big Screen)
We review Monaco, an indie title from Pocketwatch Games.

Oculus Rift revisited, Part 1
An updated look at the Oculus Rift from demos at Unite and PAX Prime

Oculus Rift Revisited, Part 2
Part two of our look at the current state of the Oculus Rift.

Review - BioShock Infinite (PC)
Review of BioShock Infinite for PC.

Interview: David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies, Part 1
Interview with David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, part 1.

Interview: David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies, Part 2
Interview with David Helgason of Unity Technologies, Part 2

Interview with David Helgason of Unity Technologies, Part 3

World of Tanks: Free-to-Play Done Right - Part 1
Analysis of the World of Tanks free-to-play model, part 1.

Review - Legend of Dungeon
Review of Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty

Steam In-Home Streaming and the Future of Virtualized Gaming
A discussion of the state of game streaming and virtualization, and the ramifications it may have on the future.

Introduction to 3D Printing: Part 1
Introduction to 3D printing, part 1.

Introduction to 3D Printing: Part 2
An introduction to using 3D printing as a promotional and design tool for video game development, part 2.

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