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UV Mapping in 3ds Max 2013 - Intermediate Techniques - Part 1


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UV Mapping Intermediate Techniques
UV Mapping in 3ds Max 2013 - Intermediate Techniques - Part 1

In previous tutorials, we’ve covered basic techniques for texturing objects in 3ds Max:

While these are critical concepts to understand, it is very rare that you have the need to model and texture basic geometry for a shipping project.

In this tutorial series, we’re going to make a realistic-looking object, using a variety of techniques. While you might not combine all these techniques in a single model in the real world (and hence, I will not make the claim that this is the most efficient way to perform these operations within 3ds Max), the intent is to demonstrate how the features of 3ds Max work together to create different effects.

If you are continuing on from Exercise 4, above, load your existing scene file. If not, create a new Tube shape, as shown above.

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