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UV Mapping in 3ds Max 2013 - Part 4


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1: Cylindrical map
UV Mapping in 3ds Max 2013 - Part 4

In Exercise 1, we used the UV Editor to create a basic UV map template. Exercise 2 demonstrated how to create a custom texture map both in and out of 3ds Max. In Exercise 3, we started getting into more detailed unwrap work.

The next basic mapping type we’ll cover is the cylindrical projection map.

Pan your viewport to show the cylinder that you created, and apply the Unwrap UVW modifier to the stack.

You will see the green highlighted seams appear which are created when the Generate Mapping Coords. box is checked during object creation.

Ordinarily, if you don’t want UV coordinates on an object, you just uncheck that box, but we’re going to use this as an example of how to start from unmapped, or incorrectly-mapped, geometry.

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